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As an algae farmer you can become a Carbon Sucker

Why host on Carbon Suckers?

No matter what kind of seaweed or algae farm you have, Carbon Suckers makes it simple and secure to connect you to businesses or individuals that want to compensate their carbon dioxide emissions.

We have your back

To keep you, your algae farm, and your brand safe, we support every farmer in marketing its products and increasing its efficiency.

Sucking in 3 steps

List your algae farm for free

Being on our platform is free of charge. You can list a small seaweed farm to a large photobioreactor system and everything in-between.

Verification of your algae farm

You share your production capacity with us on a quarterly basis to guarantee transparency for our customers. We’re here to help along the way.

Welcome your first guests

Once your listing is live, and your carbon capacity purchased, the financial contribution for your farm is on its way to you!

“That investment can really help to get those larger scales, as well as make a real difference in the volumes of carbon dioxide captured. 

CaribAlgae is going to be the largest Carbon Sucker in the Caribbean.

Payments made simple

Price variance

Carbon capture price is depending on various factors such as your location, type of operations, and circularity.

Transaction costs

There’s no cost to sign up. Carbon Suckers generally keeps a small percentage of the transaction to sustain our not for profit initiative.

Get paid quickly

Once a customer buys your capacity, we can send your money by Paypal, direct deposit, or other available methods.

“The algae culture will evolve strongly in the years to come. Having support in these efforts is vital for our industry.”

Our first Brest (FR) Sucker is expanding its capacity with nearly 30% in 2019.

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About Carbon Suckers

What is Carbon Suckers?

Carbon Suckers is a platform where businesses or individuals and algae farmers come together. You can compensate your CO2 by algae and the farmers remove these emissions and get financial contribution to reinvest in their farm to increase their carbon capture capacity.

Who is sucking?

A Carbon Sucker is an algae farmer that removes carbon dioxide emissions from the air. Carbon Suckers are much more efficient than trees in removing carbon dioxide from the air.

Your questions answered

How do you measure my CO2 capture capacity?

For algae farmers, we calculate for every ton of dry algae two tons of CO2. With our model, we base the precise CO2 capture capacity on the type and amount of biomass you produce, and we consider the way how you produce it. (e.g. fertilizers, water utilization, and waste production)

What is the Carbon Suckers platform and how is it different from other CO2 compensation methods or platforms?

We are the first platform in the world, which uses only the methods that capture & reduce CO2 out of the air for CO2 compensation. We primarily focus on algae farming as a way how to reduce CO2 – algae are a very sustainable food alternative which uses CO2 and sun as the two key ingredients to grow.
Other platforms and compensation methods offer only projects and ways of how to prevent additional emission of CO2, e.g. providing water filters in developed countries to people who would otherwise boil the water by burning wood or another biomass. Moreover, they do not use a transparent and consistent method to compensation – there is no clear connection between how much you pay and how much CO2 is compensated.

How much does it cost to list my farm?

Nothing and it will be kept like that.

How do you set the price of CO2, that I as a farmer can capture?

We are now investigating the market to determine the right price for your CO2 capture capability. The price for carbon capture is currently 120 – 140 EUR per metric ton. Do not compare this price to the carbon emission right price because there is a difference between emission rights and carbon dioxide removal costs.

Why is it necessary to capture CO2 instead of just limiting the emissions?

Due to our current rates of CO2 emissions and the lower speed of transforming of our industry, society and economy to a zero carbon one, we will not be able to keep the CO2 levels and thus the temperature increase below 2 °C. Therefore, we need to capture the additional CO2 out of the air to sustain the system in a balance.

How is Carbon Suckers beneficial for you as an algae farmer?

Our Suckers are contractually bound to spend our financial aid for increasing its ability to capture carbon dioxide via enlarging their facility or increasing the efficiency of their capturing system.

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