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13,804 kg CO2


Avila Lindgren was recently selected Sustainable Engineer of 2018. Together with her team, she envisions to help Curaçao lower its carbon dioxide emissions, wastewater treatment problems, and protect the local coral reefs.

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Scaling-up with Carbon Suckers

With the power to scale-up — and link the high carbon dioxide flue gases of the local oil refinery — Carbon Suckers will enable CaribAlgae to turn her pilot to larger scales and make a significant impact in the volumes of carbon dioxide captured.

Avila Lindgren is the founder of CaribAlgae, a foundation that aims to reuse wastewater and flue gasses of the infamous Isla refinery in Curaçao to produce biofuel using algae. The Caribbean Island is full of good ideas, but the speed at which you can accelerate your idea heavily depends on fluctuations in governmental spending. Nevertheless, Avila foresees to overcome these challenges and will move to Curaçao in March to start her pilot project.

“My second target is to link the high carbon dioxide flue gases of the local oil refinery, Isla, to the bioreactors. That investment can really help to get those larger scales, as well as make a real difference in the volumes of carbon dioxide captured.” 

– Avila Lindgren, CEO at Carib Algae

How did you get into algae?

I studied Freshwater and Marine biology at the University of Amsterdam and wrote my final thesis at Wageningen University about the genetic modification of algae for biofuel production. I then realised the enormous potential of algae biofuels and where my fascination for the industry started.

You are planning to do something unique that has not been done by anyone before. What do your friends and families think about your plans?

You are planning to do something unique that has not been done by anyone before. What do your friends and families think about your plans?

You’re gaining a lot of momentum. How do your timelines look like for the upcoming year?

I’m organizing a fundraiser end of January with several speakers. The plan is to move back to Curaçao in March to start my pilot project. At the moment I am already talking with the local government and partner organisaties. If all goes well, I will have my first bioreactor up and running in April – June and generate the numbers that are necessary to scale-up.


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What are your dreams?

I have two main dreams. The first would be improving Curacao’s living environment, specifically focussing on Isla emissions. I see and support the enormous industrial potential of the island, however, that can also be done in a cleaner, more environmentally friendly. Usually that would mean investing without any financial return, however, with CaribAlgae the investment of treating the wastewater and filtering the flue gas actually can give a valuable product; algae biofuel! My second dream would be to get the world to realise what a great alternative algal biofuel is for fossil fuels. Unlike solar panels and wind energy, algae do not require batteries, can be utilized in the same engines and machinery as already exists, is biodegradable, and does not only emit less CO2 but also captures CO2 during its own production. That is unique for algae and I believe that is what the world needs!

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