Founded in 2017 -Beatrice San Francisco

Beatrice San Francisco

The Beatrice San Francisco (BSF) collection is specially designed to make strong, individual men and women push the limitless boundaries of life.






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Stylish, sexy and super comfortable at the same time, each Beatrice San Francisco (or simply ‘BSF’ to those in-the-know) creation is inspired by nature and the bohemian soul of Ibiza – the island of freedom.  Using knitwear techniques that date back to the origins of Ibiza fashion, the German-born, Ibiza-based designer is heavily inspired by American Indian tribes, often drawing on the colours of Mother Nature: earthy terracotta, greens and natural shades of organic cotton. Beatrice fuses these natural hues with a hint of gold or silver Lurex for extra effect.

The brand’s flagship store sits proudly in the centre of Vara de Rey, Ibiza town’s mecca for shopping. Collections are designed be worn by women of all ages, with clients ranging from teenagers to grandmas. Ultra-comfortable, super soft and yet still sexy and feminine, pieces can be style to suit any occasion – from yoga gear to casualwear to sexy party dresses. It’s all how you wear it – and if you need help, the expert staff can show you the multitude of ways each piece can be worn.

Beatrice San Francisco – where does the name finds its origin?

My mother is called Beatrice and the name of my stepdad is Francisco, hence, the name Beatrice San Francisco. 

You are originally from Germany, live in Ibiza, but have you ever been to San Francisco?

No, I have not. But hearing from your stories I really should go there.

We know you care about branding, how would you describe your brand to someone new?

We care about the planet. Beatrice San Francisco is a fashion brand of a creative and happy Ibiza family. Fashion is something that should highlight your natural beauty as a man or woman. When you wear it you should feel comfortable but yet look stylish and sexy at the same time.

What is the most important to your brand?

Durability and sustainability is as important to our brand.

What sustainability actions do you take?

We therefore produce our clothes in Barcelona and use overstock leather from the industry so no new leather has to be produced. Carbon Suckers enables us to go fully sustainable by enabling us to compensate our supply chain.

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