The platform that makes carbon offsetting transparent

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The only company that can calculate with 100% accuracy  the COreduced from the atmosphere.


Our blockchain enabled payments guarantees the money goes where it should: the Carbon Suckers.


You can reduce your carbon footprint using local projects or along the route of pollution to capture your CO2.

Suck not Prevent

We are a one-of-a-kind platform that sucks CO2 actively from the air through our global network of algae farms.

Choose Your Local Sucker

With Carbon Suckers, business are able to choose a local carbon sucker near them or along the route of emissions.

Sucking that everyone can see

We use Carbon Suckers to run Carbon Suckers, so we  as if it were our own. We work with customers every day to make sure their data security requirements and expectations are met or exceeded.

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Companies that use Carbon Suckers

Ibiza’s Beatrice San Francisco

Fashion made completely sustainable with one Carbon Sucker location.

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