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Carbon Suckers fights carbon emissions by enabling enterprises to reduce the carbon footprint of all aspects of their business. A platform that connects carbon-negative entrepreneurs with companies that wish to offset the emissions that they cannot remedy themselves.

We are a young and ambitious company seeking to impact society to work towards a more sustainable future. Carbon Suckers consists of a small team of dedicated young professionals that seeks new colleagues to bundle forces with, and grow our platform.

At Carbon Suckers we work hard for our ambitious goals, without losing personal development out of sight. You will be working next to strategy and business professional who decided to devote their experience to fighting the climate change. Besides the job ‘you’re hired for’, we like to create room for your personal goals. We are all learning along the way and invite you to do that as well! You will find we are a diverse team, located throughout the country, bonded by our desire to change society for the best. Be assured we know saving the planet needs to be fun for it to happen – playing hard is as important as the hard work!


  • Support Carbon Suckers’ cause by communicating our mission to the public through different media.
  • Discover and create relevant content for inside and outside our network.
  • Find new opportunities to grow our impact.
  • This internship-position consists of at least 8 – 20 hours per week, but as we are rapidly growing, we expect that we could use a lot more energy on a short term!


  • The Carbon Suckers’ cause suits your personal ambitions, foremostly.
  • You have experience with graphic design work, advantage.
  • You know how to manage social media and communication is your middle name.
  • You feel comfortable working closely together but can manage your responsibilities individually/independently.
  • Being based around Amsterdam is convenient, but not necessary.

Carbon Suckers is the compensation platform created for emitters to transparently compensate carbon-dioxide emissions by using algae farms near you, or as we like to call them: Carbon Suckers. Algae farmers offer their captured CO2 to emitters and use the financial contribution to accelerate the production of valuable algae.

We are strategy and management professionals with backgrounds in engineering, science and business that combine a unique set of backgrounds and experience for making Carbon Suckers real.

With Carbon Suckers, we aspire to restore the carbon balance. By providing a distributed foundational layer for the buying and selling of carbon-dioxide capturing, we expect that unimagined potential of algae farms in the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs, researchers and organisations around the world, will emerge to reduce carbon capturing capacity that enrich the quality of life in our cities and our societies as a whole.

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