Compensate your carbon footprint with algae 

Carbon Suckers is a platform where businesses or individuals and algae farmers come together. You can compensate your CO2 by algae and the farmers remove these emissions and get financial contribution to reinvest in their farm to increase their carbon capture capacity.

The compensation hub for you

Carbon Suckers is a place where businesses and individuals compensate their emissions using a local carbon sucker.  You know the sucker’s name, location, and how much much carbon dioxide they have captured.

Full Transparency

We are the only platform that can offer real-time transparency in the CO2 removed from the air and our blockchain enabled payments allows for track & trace of the money to the  place where it should go: Carbon Suckers. 

Covering the value chain

We empower businesses to compensate CO2-emissions from owned or controlled sources, emissions from the generation of purchased energy, or for all indirect emissions that occur in the value chain.

Tailored Sucking

We’re a one-of-a-kind platform that sucks CO2 directly from the air through our global ecosystem of algae- and seaweed farms near you or along the route of pollution to capture your emissions.

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Why algae,  not trees?

Algae is much better at capturing CO2 than trees. The proof is in the numbers.

ton CO2 in 40 years per hectare trees (AEA, 2012)

ton CO2 in 40 years per hectare algae (Bioscience, 2010)

What’s new?

We’re moving fast. Want to be kept up-to-date: check out what’s new.

Carbon Suckers, Climate Clean-up & Utrecht University

Feasibility study: Decarbonizing Amsterdam with the use of algae.

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We must make a change, and the Carbon Suckers platform is a step forward in this direction!”

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About Carbon Suckers

What started with just a simple idea quickly grew to one of the most promising startups to watch for 2019. Carbon Suckers is growing rapidly and we are here to be heard. 

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